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Industrial Doors

High Pressure Steel Sectional
The Hi-Pressure Door system consists of several hinged steel sections that are mounted one on top of the other and are guided to a horizontal overhead position by way of a trolley type drive through a roller track system.

Concave Mandoor
The Concave Mandoor is ideal for personal access through areas with high wind loads and differential pressure. The Concave Mandoor thrives in the harshest conditions and in abusive environments. It provides personal safety, fire resistance and is ideal for emergency exits.

Opposing Swing Steel Door
The Opposing Swing Steel Door is a door system that consists of two door panels powered by a single drive system, which allows counteracting forces produced by the pressure differentials to minimize the power requirements.

Sliding Steel Mandoor
The Sliding Steel Mandoor is designed to provide ease of manual operation by underground personnel in areas where pressure differentials range as high as 20″W/G.

TD-134 Sectional Door
Steel insulated sectional door which is 1 ¾” thick with an R-value of 16.04

Rubber Door
The TNR team has developed the HD Series™ of doors to meet the needs of a tough, rugged environment that requires custom attention at a competitive price. We realized you wanted to have a product that is easier to install, easier to maintain and lasts. This superior door includes NEWGEN™ innovation, is easy to install, can be counted on for maximum up-time while being simple to maintain.

Steel Mandoor
Hollow metal, insulated or non-insulated, galvanized or primed finish doors, are available with various size windows. Doors come with or without frames and can be built to customized sizes.

Industrial Rolling Steel Doors

Insulated Rolling Steel Fire Door
Provide UL rated fire protection plus security, sound attenuation, environmental separation and smoke control with the Firemiser insulated fire door from Cornell. Achieve Rolling Steel Security with up to 4 hours of UL Labeled Fire Protection.

Non-Insulated Rolling Steel Fire Door
Metal slatted rolling doors used to provide security against entry or weather protection at exterior and interior openings in industrial, commercial, institutional and other buildings.

Industrial Electric Openers

Electric operators can be supplied based on your requirements and door dimensions

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